Monday, July 16, 2007


This is the Zion Philadelphia United chrich of Christ. Founded June 3rd 1888 and is on the Historical Register. Many, many buildings in Ritzville Wa. are on the Register. At one time Ritzville was the wheat capital of Washington and it still is king.


Setu said...

Yes, you definitely live in a NEW country! I'm very surprised that a 1888 church is on the Historical Register. Well, in my old European region (Brittany, W France), you can find a 13th, 14th or 15th century chapel or church at every road bend (not speaking of Gallic or neolithic religious monuments still standing). I'm going to put a few old stone churches on my blog and I'll tell you when you can have a look at them, if you want.

Setu said...

Thank you for sending a nice message. I'm just launching a series on my new blog where you'll find a few pictures I took of our Breton "holy houses" heritage. You may use them if you are interested. Best regards!

ancient one said...

Since I've found your blog, I never go riding anymore that I don't see churches and think I should take a picture of that and send it to Holy Houses...but I never do...LOL